Sunday, May 15, 2011

Donald Miller

This man is an amazing writer! My girl's Bible Study is currently reading his book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years". It talks about writing a better story with your life. In the book it speaks about Mr. Miller locating his father. He was not adopted, but his father and mother divorced when he was young and Mr. Miller hadn't seen his father for 30 years and decided to locate him. We read and discussed the section tonight about Mr. Miller making contact with his father. It was great to read this because I was able to relate. He spoke about driving 6 hours to meet his father and not thinking of a single question to ask him. I was telling my group tonight that I remember in the weeks and days leading up to making contact with my birthmother and coming up with all the questions I wanted to ask and have answered and then when she called all those questions didn't matter and all that did was that she was willing to talk to me. I realized that I am not alone in the journey I am on.
In other news I still have not heard from my birthfather. I am still strangely okay with this. I am amazed at how my birthmother's family has reached out to me and communicate with me. They are excited for me when I am excited and they are concerned for me when they know I am hurt or struggling. I appreciate them for reaching out to me and being willing to ge to know me. Life is good and my adventure continues.

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