Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Changes

So it has been awhile since my last post. I have spent a lot of time processing and thinking. Trying to put everything I have felt or thought into words is impossible. Other then the one phone call with my birthmother I have not talked to her. It isn't that I don't want to it is that I don't know what to say or what to ask. She is a great person and was so nice to talk to and her sisters that I have connected with on facebook are great as well. I just feel like I have disrupted their lives and don't want to disrupt it anymore. I am planning on trying to find more on my birthfather and will be asking the women for more information.
Since my last post I have told my dad about everything and he and my stepmom, Sheila, have been just as supportive as my mom and they have all been wonderful. Sheila asked me about it at Thanksgiving and my dad asked about it some to. I was so scared to tell my dad because I didn't want to hurt him, but once I finally told him I realized that by waiting to tell him I only hurt/cheated myself out of the support of him and Sheila.
So for right now I am content.

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